Door to the Mind

The Emotion Code, created by Dr.  Bradley Nelson, is a cleaning tool for erasing long standing memories and trapped emotions that associate with them. It is an easy to use platform for finding stealth memories in a simple fashion and then submitting them for cleaning. The Emotion Code uses the wisdom of the energies body information matrix to interface with the multi-dimensional network of the mind, some have referred to as hyperspace. Much like a virus traveling in cyberspace, memories travel in consciousness cyberspace and will infect the hardware of one’s individual consciousness.

What caught my attention in this work is that is uses the bodies wisdom to source out the memories and also it categorizes the 60 emotions one can chose from based on the Chinese Meridians. But what really intrigues me is that in doing this work, I am always surprised as to what it brings up and my mind rarely ever gets it right.  The Emotion Code can excavate emotions that occur from the womb to your current age. It can also track the memories of your ancestors that were burnt into your memory at conception. Much of suffering is re-running these inherited programs that run blindly deep within the subconscious.   They are almost impossible to source, yet with this work that is what you learn to do. Now what also excited me about this work is the fact the one does not over do it. Once the body says it is ready to clear the memory you honor its wisdom and do the clearing practice which is a simple sweeping of the governing meridian.

This complements the teachings in Ho’oponopono that says you are petitioning divinity and only divinity can clean.   You never really need to know the story, as that is always a distortion, but you are in a sense doing a multi-dimensional life review and landing on key moments where your energy body got dinged heavily.   This can be an energetic imprint you picked up from another like your mom in the womb, or even deeper the energetic micro encoding of an ancestral memory.

Once activated the micro code can create great havoc. The more you do this work you get to see the layered nature of your mental emotional being.   You start to realize that a grandparents memory that never got cleaned can have a huge impact on your current life. Dr. Hew Len, the current Ho’oponopono master teacher, once talked about seeing a memory that would manifest a major birth disease four generations down if it wasn’t cleaned.   Memories don’t discriminate, they perpetuate and do damage through the end of time.  There is only one solution to memory and that is for the first and last time to access it (take it out of stealth mode) and reveal it to creator with love so it can finally be brought out of it’s in perpetuity state of suffering.

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