Andrew Scheim's Advanced Bodywork is a powerful and gentle therapy that promotes intensive processing and letting go of very deep layers of subconscious traumatic harmful data. By combining different modalities of healing, Andrew Scheim brings a new consciousness to typical rehab work. Patients enjoy rapid recovery and increased strength. Whether you suffer from a sports injury, chronic back pain, or countless other ailments, let Andrew get you on the table and show you his magic.  Currently serving the Albuquerque, New Mexico area and beyond! Contact him now to schedule a session.

What is data?

Data is the enormity of information we experience from moment to moment.  The vast majority of data is experienced by the subconscious mind at a rate of millions of pieces of data per second. In contrast the conscious mind experiences around 15 thoughts per second.  Data experienced as unresolved memory can cause great distress  mentally, emotionally, physically and metaphysically.

Body Work and Data

How does body work deal with data? The vast field of subconscious data is reflected in the body through energy blocks. Advanced body work accesses these subconscious channels and awakens ones naturally ability to transform blocked energy to free flowing energy. 


One must create a foundation, a working model  and then learn the key practices necessary to bring effective change. We give you a template to start working with, the tools to jump in and begin your journey. There is no greater challenge than self transformation. What is a good time to begin? “If not now when?” Click here for some tips from Andrew Scheim.


Andrew’s advanced bodywork speaks for itself. It is impossible to describe the difference this bodywork makes to each unique person. By experiencing the deeper layers of mind/body connection one can truly begin to heal. Click here to read the testimonials of Andrew’s loyal clientele.

Where to begin?

Advanced bodyWork has been the most powerful starting point in my work because it gracefully awakens one’s natural self healing processes.  If one can not learn to transform profound energetic subconscious blocks they will always sabotage the very best information. Free these blocks and you will bring into your life what you need.  Andrew Scheim’s Advanced Bodywork practice is located in Albuquerque, NM but is available to clients worldwide.  Contact him now to schedule a session.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • I have done several Holodynamics sessions with Andrew, and the results are truly amazing. It is like uncovering your inner truth, and being gently pushed in the right direction. Andrew has a unique ability to guide you through the difficult stuff. I will continue to see him. –Reinhard, NM

  • I've had various injuries over the years and never addressed them. Well they say time catches up with you, and in my case that's a fact. I've gone through everything from diet issues to outright getting banged up and never took much of it seriously until I started loosing mobility in joints and muscle tissue etc. I began to take my health and well being a tad bit more seriously at that point, and asked Andrew for assistance in that regard. In a very short period of time I'm noticing much improved flexability in both joint and muscle tissue along with more energy and stamina. Andrew's multi tiered approach to healing the body is as effective as anything I've ever experienced actually more so. I'm getting my life back because no health, no life. If you're serious about your health and your quality of life, there's no better therapist out there for my money. He knows things about healing and the body and it's rhythms that are absolutely astounding, and because of his approach, he's able to find and treat issues that most practitioners would miss or gloss over and that's a gift; a most precious gift that few in his profession possess. He's the real deal folks, and that's a rareity in itself. So if you're in chronic pain or been given a death sentence by western standard medical practitioners, I'd say do'nt give up just yet. It's highly likely that if you get in touch with Andrew, you'll find a protocol that will put you back in the game, and give you skills that will allow to take you're life back into your hands; skills that will last you a lifetime. Go for it! You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain. –Daar Malik El

  • When I came to Andy, I had been diagnosed with an Torn rotator cuff and I was told the tear was so severe that it was inoperable. I love to play tennis, unfortunately I couldn't raise my right arm above my head to serve (this was going on for three years). I was serving left handed but found it quite frustrating. I met Andy on a USTA tennis team and he told me he thought he could help me with combined treatments and his home therapy program. Six weeks after my first treatment, I was able to serve right handed for the first time in three years. On May 24th, 2010, I wrecked riding a 10 speed bicycle which dislocated the same shoulder. After spending a night in the hospital the Doctor told me "once it heals your shoulder will be pretty much useless." I saw Andy and we started treatments. A month later and after 3 treatments with Andy, another doctor sent me to rehab and the physical therapist said that the range of motion in my shoulder was unbelievable given what the x-rays showed and the doctor's report. I continue to see Andy with the logic that I will get to where I was before the accident and continue to improve further. –Dennis, NM

  • Andy has been a life saver for me. I seem to get myself into trouble with my neck and lower back on occasion. All it takes to "get me back in the ring" is a visit to Andy and I'm good for months. If I were a better friend to myself, I'd see him on a more regular basis, not just when I'm in deep trouble. Visits to Andy are like a mini visit to the health farm. I have had body work and massage before, but Andy's treatments are not in the same category. I don't know how to explain it; but, it's more than moving tissue and bone and nerve, my spirit is worked on as well. I am fortunate to know Andy and I am so grateful that he is in the world. We all need him. –Gena, NM

  • I am a teaching pro at Chamisa Hills Country Club in Rio Rancho NM. I am 76 years old and still playing tournaments with the Senior Olympics program. In June of 2011 I started having severe back pain that required pain meds. I went to my Chiropractor for several treatments and got no relief so I went to my PC phycisian. He recommended a MRI. The MRI showed a bulging disc between L4 & L5. My PC sent me to a neurosurgeon which I declined. I went to Andrew and got immediate relief after the first treatment and stopped all my pain meds. I just finished playing in the city tournament for Albuquerque and plan to proceed to the state play off in July (update: he won the state and came in sixth place at the nationals in Cleveland). This is made possible by the treatment from Andrew. I highly recommend him and his treatment. –Fred, NM