In this video interview with George Wiseman and Andrew Scheim, Andrew and George explain why Hydrogen Therapy is Centerpiece for anyone working in the field of sports medicine. This includes Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Sport Medicine Physician, Acupuncture Practitioner and anyone working in the healing profession. Browns gas therapy is a superior form of hydrogen therapy where one breathes a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and a gaseous form of water called 4th stage water. The primary form of this therapy is breathing the gas, but it is also important to drink 2 quarts of the water a day for optimizing gut microbiome . This additional therapy is essential for revitalizing ones gut immunity.

Along with recommending the Aquacure AC50 to his clients, Andrew teaches an innovative vibration therapy program. Key to this program is combining a vibration platform with rapid release therapy. This is an easy to teach program and can be done remotely. This combination therapy addresses deep fascia work, lymph massage, organ massage, meridian work, limbic system work (trauma release) and whole body detox.

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Three Techniques for Enhancing Rapid Release Treatments

Vibration therapy playlist:

Along with these “macro therapies” we encourage our clients to do one additional “micro cellular therapy” that goes along with hydrogen therapy. Here is a video that explains combining PEMF THERAPY WITH HYDROGEN THERAPY. Both these therapies work at a cellular level. For example, both Hydrogen and Pemf therapy can literally reach every compromised cell when one has a fractured bone or an Achilles injury. Most therapies are not able to achieve this total cell penetration.

These videos explain the integration of these two therapies: Combining Pemf Therapy and Hydrogen Therapy

Balancing Pemf Therapy With George Wiseman Ac50 Aquacure: An Ayurvedic Medicine Perspective


Andrew has treated older athletes with great success. Please view these testimonials:

81 Year Old Client Back to Running 2 miles 4x a week.

68 year old recovers from 35 year crippling ankle injury with treatments and doing “Vibration Therapy Program.” 

Combining these therapy tools and practices along with Andrew’s Bodywork sessions, is life transforming. Any athlete seriously dedicated to achieving their full potential in their sport during and after their professional career needs to learn this integrated approach to healing. For more info please contact Andrew.

To receive a 10% discount on the AquaCure AC50 please go to: enter coupon code ANDREW at checkout.