Injury Recovery


Andrew has been in the trenches when it comes to sports and auto injury. In his mid thirties he had to quit all sports activities due to sport and work related injuries, and auto injury. Today at  64 he plays competitive tennis. His so called “older” clients, some past 80, are a reflection of what is truly possible when it comes to injury recovery. Please see our Testimonials.  It took many years for Andrew to develop his program and required an in depth study of many holistic modalities and a willingness to think out of the box.


This clinically proven program accelerates healing time for acute and chronic injuries. Typically with many injuries, one never clears the residual aspects that come with trauma. One example is scar tissue and adhesions. Andrew’s program combines advanced fascia release techniques, combining neuro muscular therapy with rapid release therapy.  He then integrates deeper energetic systems in cranial sacral therapy, polarity therapy, electro-acupunture and new advancements in vibration therapy.  Going deeper, Andrew employs tools for accessing the subconscious. As every athlete seeks higher level performance it is imperative to learn how to access and clear subconscious programs that can contribute to repetitive injury.  Please see Trauma Release Program.  We also help our clients focus on the fundamentals of diet and nutrition and simple detox protocols found here: Detox Program.  The modern day athlete is mindful of a whole dynamic approach to sports performance.


For athletes this program will advance healing time for both acute and chronic conditions. Clients become less prone to re-injury as the body achieves a much deeper balance with this work. For those recovering from injury this program increases the rate of healing dramatically and creates a much stronger foundation once you return to full activity.  If one chooses to have surgery, our program will increase flexibility, strength and balance at a much deeper level as you recover.


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