Chi Machine with Thera Cane


Rocking is one of the most primordial ways we bring comfort and peace to our children. It is one of several simple innate childhood movements that I use for somatic therapy. Just as every dog has a way to release their stress by doing a quick shaking move, humans have a variety of movements they can do to release accumulated stress.

The Chi Machine, which rocks the entire spine and body at a specific rhythmic cycle, has numerous health benefits. I particularly like this machine because it allows blocked sub conscious information to be released. If you have trouble accessing and letting go of painful memories, this rocking therapy is something that can be of great benefit.

An adjunct therapy I developed, that goes with using the chi machine, is the use of a thera-cane or similar tool, to target emotional acupuncture release points. Activating these points while rocking turbo charges somatic trauma release. This therapy can bring a level of relief to those who suffer with traumatic memories (PTSD) or for those who simply are looking for new stress management tools.

This practice lends itself to meditation work, prayer and visualization as one is going into a relaxed and rhythmic state where one can process much more effectively.