Learn to Heal Emotional Trauma



Trauma is responsible not only for a wide range of psychological issues but contributes to virtually every form of human suffering.  Every human being carries traumatic memories and deals with them in various ways. Those who suffer acutely can no longer ignore or fight off these subconscious memories that replay endlessly. Denial is not an option. The only recourse is resolution.  One can no longer ignore the data streaming at the subconscious level.  When one can develop an effective way to respond to subconscious replaying memories that source from the deeper streams of consciousness then one goes from being cursed to being blessed.

Our trauma release program teaches simple easy to do skills that give immediate relief from trauma symptoms. These tools allow one to meet and respond to the streaming data of the subconscious and organically start to erase the looping memories and trauma imprints hardwired into our brain and nervous system. Since many of the memories are primitive in nature and source from a myriad of sources, it is imperative to have a real time organic way to realign the nervous system and brain when it goes into overwhelm.  We can’t comprehend or analyze the subconscious as it is too vast and to quick to subdue or outwit.  The mind can not heal the mind; one must access a much deeper level of intelligence that transmutes the deeper layers of consciousness. 

Our trauma release program starts with teaching you to engage somatic release mechanisms that much like a virus cleaning program, help rid your “operating” system from harmful data.  And like a virus cleaning program running in the background, these practices will become a daily natural process that allow you to engage and delete these subconscious programs running in stealth mode.  

As one advances you will learn to proactively explore and unfold the deeper layers of your subconcious. One example of the deeper roots of subconscious programs is inherited ancestral memories acquired at conception, what the bible calls the sins of the fathers and modern science calls genetic memory. These obscure ancestral micro memories are quite harming in that typically they operate like ninjas in the forest.  


By Learning to practice these skills, you will give to yourself the essential gift of self liberation and open the doors to receiving divine blessing, love and grace.  Cleaning the mind, like doing laundry, is a daily practice.  Many of us have years of old laundry piled up so please be patient.  Stay with it!

  1. Breathe like a Yogi for Dummies. This simple breathing practice can stop a panic attack dead in its tracks in 20-30 minutes time.
  2. Trauma Release Exercises. When animals are under attack they have three options fight, flight or freeze (playing dead).  If they go into freeze they need to do a trembling shaking ritual afterwards to come out of freeze. If they don’t do this they die.  Humans go into a freeze response many times in their lives and their natural inborn trembling shake it off mechanism becomes suppressed early on.  This causes a slew of mental/emotional/structural/&systemic problems as trapped traumatic memories are stored deep within the body. Traumatic memories basically never stop looping and can cause tremendous suffering. TRE allows one to go deep within the nervous system and brain and erase these traumatic memory loops.  This work has had great success with soldiers suffering with PTSD which is considered one of the most challenged areas for those working with mental emotional trauma.
  1. Chi machine with Theracane. Using the chi machine is another practice that targets the spine and trapped trauma patterns held in the nervous system.  This machine creates a rocking of the entire spine and like TRE exercises allows for the release of stored traumatic information. When combined with a Theracane, one can access acupuncture points along the spine allowing deeper access to these long held energetic blocks.  Doing TRE along with this practice is an excellent way to clear long standing trauma memory loops.
  2. Vibration Machine. Whole body vibration therapy is similar to TRE in that it engages an intense deep trembling shaking of the entire body. Similar to TRE this allows the body to release trauma freeze patterns lodged deep within spine and brain. In addition, this therapy is quite powerful in both detoxifying the body and helping to break down stubborn frozen connective tissue formations which can cause a wide range of physical ailments.
  3. Vibration Therapy Program.  This program combines both vibration therapy and TRE with the use of another vibration therapy called Rapid Release Therapy. This additional tool now allows even deeper access to deeply stored trauma memories.  This tool can be used as an advanced fascia release tool and to target key meridian pathways that can help release deeply held emotions.
  4. EMDR AND EFT are both therapies that allow one to invite up painful memories and then apply a clearing process.  Please seek out a skilled therapist if possible. It is important to address the kinetic, visual and auditory fields of memory when seeking to clear traumatic memory. Beyond that we are accessing deeper into the origins of memory itself.
  5. Maximize your Blue Z Water therapy program.This master detox and cleanse program helps to rid the body of a plethora of toxins that can cause great imbalance to our body’s systems. When we disrupt the brain, nervous system and endocrine system one can experience all sorts of mental and emotional imbalance.  Examples of harmful toxins that are well known to cause severe symptoms are mercury poisoning, aluminum poisoning and lead poisoning.  It is well documented that toxic halides such as chlorine, bromine and fluorine can cause damage to the thyroid.  Pesticides have been documented to do severe neurological damage to farm workers. In addition, there is EMF toxicity, radiation exposure and a whole new generation of superbugs. It is imperative to have an effective detox practice to meet the extreme challenges of our toxic environment. The good news is that we have developed a very powerful detox program that can protect you from this unprecedented environmental assault. In addition to our above linked blog please visit our YouTube playlist
  6. Blue Z Bath. This Bath Therapy creates a profound unwinding of the nervous system. Blue Z Bath can be used for symptoms of anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, autism spectrum disorder, adhd in children, adhd in adults and overall stress relief and stress management. 
  7. Photobiomodulation and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation for healing the brain. These therapies are excellent for a wide range of brain trauma issues and psychological issues. Think cellular brain repair/regeneration and rebalancing brain chemistry.  Please Google to learn more.
  8. Introduction to the Emotion Code. This work helps to track key subconscious memories and along with our somatic tools can help to erase these memories.
  9. Tools for the subtle energy body: chakra work, meridians, Bach Flower remedies, essential oils, pendulum dowsing. We offer dowsing charts that offer multi dimensional treatment protocols. Consider p.e.m.f devices and isochronic brainwave apps to help regulate brain and nervous system. Please view our SLEEP VIDEO as often trauma can disrupt our sleep cycle.
  10. Please click here for our blog Key Components to a Holistic Program.  We can send you a comprehensive list of brain supplements which factor in the latest research in nutritional strategies.  The brain is part of a whole dynamic which includes nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system and delving deeper the fascia/meridian/chakra systems. The energetic body becomes the gate that leads us to the mystery and final frontier of healing, the field of consciousness we call the subconscious mind.
  11. Introduction to Ho’oponopono. This last step, once truly understood and embraced, could easily be step number one. This simple practice acknowledges the existence of ancient subconscious memories that are replaying and causing harm.  This consciousness practice teaches one to submit our deeply lodged memories to “Divinity” for cleaning. Our trauma release program assists in what is called the petitioning process.  Since many of the memories we carry have been passed down from one generation the next, it is critical to understand that half the battle is to become awake to the terrain of the subconscious. Hoʻoponopono teachings are quite wise in their understanding and actions of the subconscious.  I find these teachings to be the most accurate and poetic presentation of the work to be done. When combined with our advanced somatic practices one can make great strides in their spiritual practice.


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