We live in unprecedented times with extraordinary environmental challenges. A human being in today’s world must be a counter terrorist against environmental onslaught. We are by instinct programmed to trust our environment, to receive all we need from Mother Earth. Up until a hundred years ago this worked. Today we must be mindful of all the deviations that exist environmentally and creatively respond to reclaim our God given birthright connection to mother earth.

One critical issue that causes imbalance and disease on all levels is the chaotic electro magnetic field environment. We have lost connection with what our ancestors took for granted, the strong foundation of mother earth. Our ancestors had a clean emf enviroment and were continually in physical connection with mother earth since most people farmed. That simple connection was taken for granted. So what does this mean? We are not electrically grounded anymore and our bodies without that literal and metaphorical connection to earth loses it’s ability to recharge, balance and process. But it doesn’t stop there. Now add in all the emf fields bombarding us on a daily basis and then factor in the skewed frequencies of our entire culture. Humans have managed to virtually alter everything they touch and create global disharmony. We are a cacophonous mess and as vibrational beings we are whacked. What species orders a hit on themselves and then thinks they are an advanced species. Fortunately as the saying goes for every problem there is a solution.

So how can one begin to combat the massive emf balance and get our bodies back to electrical and vibrational coherence?


There are various simple ways to create a conductive field between the body and earth. If you wrap a copper wire around your leg and plug it into the ground plug of your house that will work. There are some simple systems you can buy that range in price but they all work the same. It costs very little to ground your body to the earth. You can take a walk and grab a stop sign pole for a few minutes and notice the difference. There is alot of research available about the benefits of grounding.

When you ground the earth pumps a huge amount of negtive ions into your body. Negative ions can be seen to represent flowing energy as opposed to stuck energy. Now as we age the cells become more dense and less conductive. The energetic ability of a cell to hold energy and pass through energy decreases. The cells become detuned and chaotic, they become electrically weaker.

Epower Machine (high freqency light wave therapy).

This is a recent advancement in wave form therapy. This device creates a powerful field that retunes the body back to what is called a negative ion state.  If you take a salt bath or swim in the ocean you are experiencing the relaxation that comes with being immersed in a negative ion environment. This state of negative ionic flow is  what  Chinese Medicine refers to as healthy chi versus a positive ion state which is called chi stagnation,  Please click here for more info on the e-power machine.


P.E.M.F, pulsed electro magnetic field therapy, is another advancement in whole dynamic wave form therapy. This technology was developed by NASA when they began to realize that the zero gravity environment was causing major health problems for astronauts. The body needs not only gravity to function properly but there are key harmonic fields that the earth produces that are conducive to proper function of the bodies systems.  One key frequency is called the Schumann Frequency.  To learn more about P.E.M.F  please visit  Dr. Pawluk’s  website.  Where the e-power works with higher key frequencies in the gamma range,  P.E.M.F works within the alpha, theta and delta range or lower end frequencies.  Our bodies were designed to be in balance with the natural frequency environment and since modern man has skewed the frequency ecology these therapies are ways to individually re-balance and re-tune our electric magnetic fields.