Epower Machine (high freqency light wave therapy)

Why do we need to increase Electric Potential? Since there are 30-40 millivoltages in a cell membrane in your body, and approximately six trillion (6,000,000,000) cells in the whole body, the total electric potential is a very considerable number.

In addition, the electric potential in the human body decreases with age, and the reduction of electric potential can cause illnesses. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the electrical potential to increase health.

Negative Potential Energy = Energy for Rest ~ High Frequency Energy = More ATP

The E-Power machine was designed to provide Negative Potential Energy (Energy for Rest) with High Frequency Energy (More ATP). Using your body as a capacitor, E-Power generates 70KHz of high frequency electrical waves, creating an internal energy that will balance and revitalize you.

As E-Power increases the temperature of your subcutaneous skin, Negative Potential Energy spreads throughout the entire body, relaxing you and creating a balanced electrical field.

Negative Potential Energy with high frequency balances the functions of cations (positively charged ions) and anions (negatively charged ions) on both sides of the cell membrane. This promotes a faster metabolism and helps to build up immunity. It is an energy source that your body needs not only to survive, but to thrive! E-Power is the source you need to bring it to you!


1. Increased Cell Membrane Voltage activates the sodium/potassium pump allowing: 

  • Regeneration of cellular energy and increased body energy

  • Improvement of oxygen levels

  • Increase of Vitality and Cell Function

  • Increased Nerve Regeneration (1998 University Gottingen)

  • Activates Oxidoreductase enzymes to change acid to alkaline.

2. Improvement of Blood Circulation due to Vascodilation allowing: 

  • Capillaries to receive more oxygen (up to 30% by study – Pargon 1967, Peraira 1967)

  • Reduction of blood flow resistance returning to the heart

  • Can lower Blood Pressure

  • Can increase Detoxification

  • Improved Nutrient Supply and improved Nutrient Supplement utilization

  • Change Acidosis to Alkalinity

  • Accelerate healing of wounds

  • Increased performance in Sports Competition

  • Clearer Mental Performance, Focus, Concentration

3. Release of Calcium: (a messenger substance) by: 

  • Increasing metabolism

  • Benefits Cell Division

  • Reduction of Vascular Function

  • Balances Cortisol and Adrenalin – relieving stress

  • Regulates the Adrenalin receptors from becoming Adrenalin Resistant

  • Activates the Insulin Receptors (balances insulin better)

  • Improves the Nerve Function in Balance

  • Activates Macrophages and T Cell (Study Carson 1990)

  • Helps Back, Muscle, & Spinal Column Therapy

4. Triggers the Spleen and Bone Marrow to Increase Calcium by: 

  • The Piezoelectric effects increase bone tissue. Helps to have stronger Bones &  Eliminates Osteoporosis.

  • As we get older, the bones resist PTH from the parathyroid gland (Thyroid) to make more bone-forming cells. Negative fields increase this function.

5. Shortens recovery & repair time for athletes and disability by: 

  • Strengthening muscles, bones, tendons, & ligaments

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Great for Rheumatism, Arthritis, Bruises, Fractures, Paralysis, Muscle and Nerve Tension

  • Reduces Risk of Injury and regeneration of injured cells

6. Pain Relief by: 

  • Interrupting transmission of pain stimulus to the brain

  • Relieves Muscle Tension, leg cramps. spasms

7. Improves the Function of the Stomach and Intestines through: 

  • Regulation of Plexus Myenterium by increasing Digestion activity.

  • Increase in Metabolism

  • Increased Weight loss and building Muscle Mass

8. Increases Collagen by: 

  • Stimulating the Fibroblasts

  • Increases the activity of connective tissue cells

  • Increases Nerve  & Skin regeneration