Far Infrared Sauna Therapy works from the inside out much like a microwave oven. Far infrared is a part of the light frequency spectrum that has been found to have many health benefits.. It is a superior form of sauna therapy as not only do you burn up to 600 calories per session but you also eliminate heavy metals and chemicals.


Health Benefits Far Infrared Therapy:

*Burns up to 600 calories per session. Detoxifies and burns fat.

*Quickens Lipolysis – Removes unwanted fats in your Tummy, waist, hip, arms, and legs.

*Promotes the excretion of heavy metals, toxins, and other waste deposits in the body.

*Speeds up metabolism and enhances absorption of nutrients.

*Acts as physical therapy for myalgia & neurosis. Balances the autonomic nervous system and has a beneficial effect on sore muscles, lactic acid and the liver.

*Improves the immune system and helps prevents growth of cancer cells.

*Diminishes inflammation.

*Helps with sleeping disorders.


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